Top Tech Skills In Demand For 2021

IT is a broad field with many Top Tech Skills that are going to be in demand in the coming years. With an expected increase in the number of jobs in the IT field, learning these skills can get you some lucrative jobs out there. Job seekers who are willing to change their area of expertise will find these skills will give them an edge over other job seekers.

Many fields like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence are growing exponentially providing new opportunities for job seekers. Strong communication skills, adaptability to learn new technologies and one of these top tech skills will separate you from the crowd. These tech skills will be in high demand in 2019 and here are a few online websites where you can learn these skills.

1. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

The demand for blockchain developers has skyrocketed in the past few years. The blockchain is the technology that powers cryptocurrency. It can also be used in many other real-life scenarios where transparency is a major issue. Bitcoin and Etherium are examples of the cryptocurrencies that are currently at the top of the chart.

Blockchain allows decentralized and more secure transactions, removing the middle man. Many tech companies are trying to incorporate this technology into their architecture. So if you are interested in working on some of the most challenging and advanced projects then understanding Blockchain should be your first step.

Udacity is one of the best places to learn as it provides a blockchain nano degree course which is very interactive.


2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has been the buzz word of the IT world for quite some time now. The demand for skilled Artificial Intelligence candidate can be seen in many tech moguls. Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence demonstrated by machines. This type of intelligence is a result of complex algorithms and learning programs.

Since artificial intelligence has a wide range of application hence the demand is always on an all-time high. The applications are and not limited to the field of healthcare, automotive, military, video games, and finance. Healthcare will become more affordable with the use of AI such as the Da Vinci Surgical System. Speech recognition and image analysis are some of the best solutions provided by AI.

With all these benefits, AI is here for the long run and it is definitely a top tech skill to learn. Check out Microsoft’s Professional Artificial Intelligence Program.

Artificial Intelligence - Top tech skills

3. Machine Learning

Everyone in the tech industry is trying to optimize their business practices and Machine Learning is definitely one of the best ways to do so. Machine Learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence that allows the system to learn and improve from experience. This behavior is not programmed but the machine learns it by continuous application.

All of us have used Video On Demand applications like Netflix. Such applications use Machine Learning to make recommendations about movies based on our viewing history. Supervised and Un-supervised learning are the two categories of Machine Learning. Machine Learning experts have high salary packages and are currently in high demand.

Coursera provides a great course in Machine learning taught by Andrew Ng. All you need to do is just google Andrew NG and you will know why I recommend this course.

Machine Learning

4. Data Science

The demand for Data Scientists is definitely high for the past three years and is going to remain high in 2019 as well. Since almost all the companies now have the capability to collect data, the need for good data scientists can be seen in the job listings.

Companies now understand the importance of the data they collect. This data can give useful information and predictions to the companies, hence everyone wants to analyze and organize this data. To effectively mine the data and derive meaningful information is now crucial in all the companies.

Udacity offers The Data Scientist Nanodegree course which effectively covers most of the Data Science domain.

Data Science

5. DevOps

The demand of DevOps engineer has been growing for past few years and it will continue to grow in 2019 as well. With the increase in automation tools and technologies, DevOps engineers are now a basic requirement for various companies. It is one of the rapidly increasing top tech skills in the IT sector.

Some of the popular DevOps tools are Puppet, Jenkins, GIT, Docker, Selenium and many more. All you need to do is learn these tools and you are good to go. Although learning them is easy you still need to understand the application of these tools.

Udemy has courses on most of these tools which you can learn. You can start with Learn Devops course and then explore further as you go in depth of these courses.


6. Cybersecurity

With the influx of an explosive amount of IOT based commercial applications such as smart lights, we can also see an increase in the hacking of these devices.  More than 90% of IOT based commercial devices have major security loopholes that can be easily exploited. Hackers take advantage of these security loopholes to gain illegal access to user information.

Cybersecurity experts are desperately needed in the IT industry. It is definitely one of the top tech skills that is here to stay. You can start from basic courses that help you understand the networks and the devices involved. From there, you can go in many directions such as becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker.

Udemy offers a variety of courses that you can explore. These courses range from Beginners course to Advance professional courses. If you are looking for advanced courses then you can start with The Complete Cyber Security Course. This course is split into volumes from 1 to 4. After completing all the 4 volumes you will definitely gain ample knowledge to in the field of Cybersecurity.

Cyber Security

7. Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the ability to provide services such as servers, database, and storage over the internet. This allows for faster and innovative distribution of resources. Almost all the tech companies are now using cloud-based technologies in various ways. Some of the best examples of such technologies are Microsoft AzureGoogle CloudPlatform and Cloud Foundry.

The demand for skilled Cloud Engineers is still high in the tech industry. It is easy to learn cloud computing basics and to get to advance level, various companies offer online courses. has a wide variety of courses for Cloud Computing enthusiasts. You can learn technologies like Azure, and Amazon AWS according to your interest.

Cloud Computing

8. UI/UX Design – Evergreen Among Top Tech Skills

Ui specialists design the User Interface to be more interactive and visually appealing. They focus on improving the flow of the webpage or the application. Whereas UX specialists focus on User Experience and research and test all the elements of a website. This skill is an equal mix of technology and creative thinking. To be a good UI designer you need to have a better understanding of the look and feel of a webpage.

Check out Google Allo’s Powerful Features

If you are better at research then you can focus on becoming a UX specialist. This skill is definitely one of the most in-demand top tech skills in 2019. As more and more people are creating their own websites, the demand for good UI and UX designer is high.

One of the best online courses for UI/UX design is The User Experience Design Fundamentals course on Udemy. You can learn the basics of UI and UX design from this course.

UI Design

As you can see this list offers you more than just 8 top tech skills that you can learn. You can easily convert your certification into a full-time job if you learn any of these skills. If you search for jobs on Glassdoor you will find job listings for all these skills in various companies.

So what are you waiting for? Join a course and start learning!

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