5 Things to Know About WhatsApp Recall Message

The largest and most widely used online messaging app WhatsApp has come out with a much awaited feature. The WhatsApp Recall Message feature is a new boon among the masses all over the globe. Earlier such a facility was available only on the ‘elite’ BlackBerry phones. Now it has been brought to the masses by the one and only WhatsApp. Within no time BBM and Facebook Messenger were far behind WhatsApp – so far that Facebook had to buy WhatsApp for almost $19 billion. The world has changed to an extent where ‘In-built Messaging’ has become totally out-dated and it is replaced by ‘WhatsApp’ to a great extent.

The most amazing part of this new app is the completely new feature. WhatsApp has started rolling out the ‘WhatsApp Recall Message’ feature in it’s latest update. We almost share every small or big message, video, picture, audio, etc. But sometimes we might send something to some non-intended recipient.

Words once spoken cannot be taken back.

Well, now you can! But, you have to play by the rules. Sending a message to the wrong person instead of the right one can create havoc at times. Sometimes this blunder will result in huge controversies
that might affect your normal life. Problem, right??

WhatsApp Recall Message

Now there is a solution to this problem. The WhatsApp recall message feature could bring in some relief in situations like above. You can recall and delete the messages sent individually or in a group. Yes, it is true. You can delete the message from the group or the individual chat when sent by mistake. One of the most awaited feature by WhatsApp users is now rolling in. Rumours had been heard from over a year or so, but the wait is over now. Let have a look at how this WhatsApp Recall Message works.

Try the Google Allo

How the WhatsApp Recall Message Works

1. One of the most important point to remember is that this feature works only for Android and iOS users. The Nokia Symbian OS and BlackBerry OS have been excluded, sadly.

2. For the newer version to operate it is mandatory that both the sender and receiver users operate on the same (latest) version of WhatsApp.

3. ‘This message has been deleted‘ is the message that will appear in place of the message once the message has been deleted.

4. While deleting the message, WhatsApp confirms whether the message must be deleted just for one self or for everyone.

5. This feature is also time-sensitive. It deletes the message within the time frame of 7-minutes only. If a user reads it within those 7 minutes, he or she can preserve it’s screenshot. But it still can be removed by the sender from both devices.

Interesting, isn’t it?? Try out this new feature and do let us know your views about the new version of the WhatsApp.

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